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Javier Alexander Hurtado Guaca
Electronic and Telecommunications Engineer
University of Cauca

Telematics Networks and Services Specialist
University of Cauca

Master of Science Student, Telematics Area
University of Cauca

Office 405
Email: Email javhur
Phone. +57-2-8209800 Ext. 2127
Fax. +57-2-8209813

Master Thesis:

Next Generation SIP Services Platform for 2.5G Networks based on IMS Architecture

Advisor: MsC. Juan Carlos Corrales

Work of Degree

Analysis, Design and Implementation of the Information System of the Commutation Department

Present position

Teacher Department of Telematics


Graduate - Specialization in Telematics
Undergraduate - Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering
Technology in Telematics
  • Telematics Services Laboratory


Works of Degree


Interest areas

  • Next Generation Applications and Services based on IMS.

  • Telematics Applications and Services for Mobile Devices.

  • Telematics Applications and Services to web platform.

  • Information Systems.

  • Distributed Systems based on Agents Technology

  • Methodologies for the software development (UP, Métrica V3).

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