José Armando Ordóñez PhD.
COLCIENCIAS Certified Associated Research
Innovation Consultant
Twitter: armandoordonez

Manager of diverse academic and industrial IT products and projects. Consultant in Technological (Service Oriented Architectures and Business process) and Management (Innovation and Project Management) fields. Ph.D. degree with honors in Telematics (2014) and, M.Sc. degree in Engineering (2012). Visiting researcher at the Université de Versailles - France (2008), University of East London - UK (2012) and University Carlos III - Madrid (2012). Leader of the Intelligent Management Systems research Group which is devoted to apply artificial intelligence to different domains: Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Geospatial Knowledge discovery, Big Data and Telecom architectures and Workflow.


Goverment & Industrial Consulting
Research Projects


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Industrial activities

  • Makrosoft LTDA Project: DOCXFLOW - Workflow systems for commerce chambers
  • Makrosoft LTDA Project: Vive Digital 1
  • Makrosoft LTDA Project: Survey platform for Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
  • CEO at Lumen Innovations
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