Emmanuel Lasso

Electronic and Telecommunications Engineer | Ph.D. Student

Emmanuel Lasso

I'm a responsible person with formation in ethics, leadership and comprehensive facility for teamwork, willing to learn and contribute their knowledge to develop projects involving Information Technology and Communication.

Engineer in Electronics and Telecommunications from the University of Cauca. PhD Student in Telematics Engineering

Fields of interest:

  • Telecommunication Networks and Telematics Services
  • Rocommender System
  • Graph persistence, indexing and matching
  • Expert finding
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Web Services and Applications
  • Social Web
  • Semantic Web
  • Business Process Development



Research and Development Engineer


Generation of agroclimatic alerts Services as support decision-making in the Colombian Coffee Sector. Agrocloud - (WP2) Program to Strengthen Interagency Network on Climate Change and Food Security.

My Contribution:

  • DSS Research and Development
  • Agroclimatic Alerts Services
Year: 2013-present
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My Work 1 Research and Development Engineer


Semantic enrichment and inference of relationships in an online social network


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In this article we propose a tool that aims to generate a representation of an online social network considering the semantic enrichment and inference of new relations between users. The prototype evaluation shows satisfactory results respect to the inference of new relationships and the accuracy of the recommendation system associated; in this way, it is possible to get a closer representation to the reality of existing connections in online social networking.

Year: 2013


 FIET. IPET. Oficina 116. Popay├ín. Colombia
 +57 3137340452