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  • E-mail Directory of Colombian Universities and Institutions.
  • Directory of WWW Services.
  • Universities and Advanced Studies Institutions.
  • Research Centres and Government Institutions.
  • Internet Service Providers.
  • Newspapers and other organizations.
  • Directory of Gopher Services.
  • Internet Resources in Colombia and the World.
  • Network Caldas (Colombian network of researchers abroad).
  • Academic and R&D Programmes of the European Union.
  • Customs instructions (in spanish).
  • Requirements for Academic Degree Confirmation (undergraduate and graduate studies, master, doctorate) (by ICFES, in spanish).
  • Fellowships information (in spanish, by Rodrigo Carvajal).
  • Geographical Information (9 lines).
  • General Information.
  • Economic Guide for Investors.
  • Last messages in soc.culture.colombia.
  • FAQ of COLEXT (mailing list on colombians abroad).
  • Charter of soc.culture.colombia.
  • Some interesting Web pages about Colombia.
  • Educational & Sciences Magazines (by Néstor Raúl Anzola P.).
  • [NEW]

  • Caicedonia, Ciudad Centinela del Valle del Cauca.
  • Popayán, Ciudad Blanca.
  • Internet in the School.

  • Visit the library of the University of Cauca.

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    This page has been built by Alvaro Rendón Gallón (arendon), professor of the Departments of Switching Systems and Informatics, in the University of Cauca, Popayán, (Colombia).

    This is all the information I can provide you with about my country. I hope it will be useful to you. Your comments are highly appreciated, but, please, do not e-mail me asking for additional information since it is very likely that I will not have enough time to answer you.

    Updated on May 1st, 1997.

    Colombia in Cyberspace/ Alvaro Rendón G. / arendon